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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Saying Please to sexy face slapping

I'm posting this (belatedly, sorry!) as part of the Dirty Queer Sex virtual book tour for Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica, the hot new book edited by Sinclair Sexsmith. For ebook readers, it's also available on Kindle and Nook.

Below is an excerpt from my story "A Slap in the Face" that I hope makes you want to read the whole thing! Right now I'm on my own West Coast book tour I'll be at Powell's in Portland, Oregon tomorrow night and Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle Saturday night and am happy to sign Say Please along with Best Sex Writing 2102 (where my essay is about another kind of kinky sex) or any of my other writings/books!

Official book description:
Sinclair Sexsmith presents a cornucopia of lesbian kink — tantalizing tales rich in variety and saucy details of girls put in their place — and held there firmly. A girly-girl reaps a sweet punishment for refusing to mess up her oh-so-pink lipstick and a well-equipped top takes charge. Whether readers dream of surrendering to a lover or of taking control, Say Please offers plenty of erotic inspiration and gives readers exactly what they want!

In "The Cruelest Kind," Kiki Delovely's naughty narrator gets her just desserts from her butch girlfriend with some fierce back alley bondage while D.L. King's domme makes her submissive strip before un unseen audience, binds her to a bench, and gives her a good strapping in "A Public Spectacle." Anna Watson' bored housewife gets more than she bargains for in "The Keys" when she follows a lesbian animal trainer out to a queer bar and anything goes in Xan West's sexy "Strong" when a transgender butch and genderqueer sub engage in some very tough love.

"A Slap in the Face" by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Jade strolled into the bar, walked straight up to Amber, who was leaning against it wearing a slinky leopard-print slip, ripped fishnet stockings, a see-through black top along with a sheer black bra, and dangerously tall black heels, her red hair gleaming even in the low lights, and slapped her across the face. The sound was louder than Jade had expected, the sting in her palm stronger, both of which she liked. Amber didn’t smile, not with her mouth, anyway, but Jade knew exactly how much she’d liked Jade’s slap. She could read it in the way Amber shivered, the way her eyes skittered from the ground and, for a second, up to Jade’s, from the way her body radiated a heady combination of fear, awe and desire.

This was not a kinky bar. It wasn’t a dyke or queer bar, either. It was your average Brooklyn dive bar, filled with its mix of colorful high-glam hipsters in everything from hot pants to schoolgirl skirts, older white guys with huge beer steins who seemed like they’d been sitting there since before either woman was born, parents stealing a late-night cocktail before the babysitter came home. And Jade and Amber, who’d shared a stormy, kinky relationship of six months, one that Jade wanted to last even though she had no idea if they would blaze through all the intense passion zinging between them too fast and have nothing left, or could find ways to keep it going. She was trying to live in the moment, and this scene was part of her new mission. She kept any trembling she felt on the inside steady as she stared down at the girl who’d given so much of herself to Jade, but was always looking to give more.

To anyone watching, it would’ve looked like what it was: a slap in the face, a blow across her cheek, something at least a little mean, harsh, powerful, something that must have hurt and brought tears to Amber’s eyes. And it was, certainly, all of those things⎯Jade would never have denied that it was one of the most powerful ways you could strike someone⎯but it wasn’t unwanted; in fact, Amber thought it was the hottest thing she’d ever done, and she’d been to, and participated in, her share of extreme play parties. She looked up at Jade and realized that her fantasies had been fulfilled, technically, but not all the way; her face tingled in anticipation of the next slap. She suddenly wished she’d worn her matching leopard-print panties, the silky ones that rode up her ass, because her wetness was starting to trickle down her thigh. She liked it, even more than when Jade slapped her at home; she liked it so much she was torn between stepping between Jade’s jeans-clad legs and pressing their bodies tight together and what she wound up choosing, looking right up into her girlfriend’s eyes, letting her see the tears that shimmered there.

“You want me to slap you again, don’t you?” Jade’s voice was low, deep, quiet enough that only Amber could hear. Jade kept the tremor out of it, the awe that this creature was letting her do the most wicked things to her and kept wanting to push the envelope.

“Yes, Jade, I do.” Amber let a tear fall, because she didn’t totally understand why she liked it, she just knew she did, and she wanted people to know. Well, that wasn’t strictly true. She couldn’t honestly say she wanted people to know about her predilection for being smacked, but the fact that now, finally, they did, after so many months of fantasizing, made her pussy feel like it was both tightening and expanding all at once.

This time, Jade tenderly held her hand against one of Amber’s cheeks, the pristine one, and with the other raked her short nails down the edge of the other. She waited, toying with her, trying to ignore their surroundings, because the exhibitionism was really Amber’s thing, though she couldn’t deny she got a small thrill from being so controlling in so public a location. Then, she did it again, a smack that reverberated through her palm, skin striking skin, and again. Jade stepped forward and shoved her knee between Amber’s legs, pressed her mouth against her ear. “Thank me for it, or I won’t do it again.”

“Thank you, Jade. I love you.” Amber hadn’t meant to say that, but it came out in a rush. There were moments when she was afraid of Jade, but she liked those moments, she liked the way those moments spurred her on to be more daring, to let herself get pushed farther off what felt like a precipice, until everything she had was Jade’s for the taking.

“Let’s go,” Jade said, plucking Amber’s half-full glass from her hand and placing it on the bar, then rushing her outside, while Amber scrambling to put her pink fake-fur coat back on before they entered the chilly night. Jade would’ve stayed, but what was bubbling up inside of her was too fierce for public consumption. There’s no way the patrons of that bar would ever have understood what she wanted to do to Amber; the truth was, she hardly understood it herself, but she knew it filled something primal within her, something that made her feel like she was enacting an ancient ritual, a hunt-or-be-hunted animalistic desire to go for the kill. Slapping Amber, beating her, tying her down, choking her, all took Jade’s breath away as much as they did Amber’s, though she didn’t have the freedom to show it quite as much. “Why are you shaking?” Amber had once asked after a particularly cruel, intense scene. Jade had just shook her head, not having any further answer.
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