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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Literary blogs wanted

If you know of any blogs/sites that cover literary fiction and nonfiction who'd be good to contact about Best Sex Writing 2012, pretty please let me know. The book is full of lots of political commentary, as it should be, but the more literary nonfiction also deserves attention. And I'll post the next call ASAP, but a heads up that I very much welcome submissions from literary magazines - see the pieces in the book from Guernica and The Rumpus for proof! Actually I welcome submissions from ALL over, especially the places you wouldn't expect to find "sex writing." Thank you! I'm really pulling out all the stops to make sure this book succeeds so anything you can do to support it is much appreciated. Obviously sales are awesome, but blogging about the book, asking your local library to stock it, passing it on to someone who might want to read it (or review it - you know I always give away freebies, just follow me on Twitter cause there are many more books coming out in 2012) would be wonderful. It'll mean the world to me to have this book find as passionate an audience as, well, me, as audacious and obnoxious and whatever other vile -ous words that sounds, it's what I want and hope and dream for this book that I poured so much of myself into.


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