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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I hate Blogger with a passion

One thing I like about new Blogger: tags.

Everything else I hate about it, like the fact that here and at Cupcakes Take the Cake at least every other post yields an error. That means I can't save as draft, so I can either save the html in a word document or do what feels like a mad dash - write the whole error-laden post, then rush to start a new one, click "publish" and hope it goes through. Often it does, but sometimes it doesn't. FRUSTRATING. I feel so inept and stupid and aggravated by it. I have this great post that is waiting for...who the fuck knows what? Clearly, not me, or I wouldn't be getting the same damn error message a million times a day.

That is all. I hate technology sometimes. This was a week where often getting out of bed was an effort, and I'm still sorting out which health insurance is the lesser of many evils, so I don't have the pretty pills I went to the doctor for on my birthday, which makes dealing with the hell that is Blogger a little more challenging. So if things look screwy on my blogs, that's why. On a happy note, makes me grateful Tumblr exists!


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