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Monday, November 14, 2011

Highly recommended: PJ Walsh show about comedy, military, Bill Clinton's teeth

I highly, highly recommend this show by PJ Walsh at All for One Fest. It's been my favorite so far. Comedy, war, Camp David, Bill Clinton's teeth. Plus there was bonus standup at the end. I also think it's wonderful to see successful performers talk about how college wasn't right for them, and they went on to do what they love and are good at and succeed at it, on their terms. Hilarious and also touching, and a good reminder that "support the troops" shouldn't just be empty rhetoric. I say this having never heard of PJ Walsh before perusing the AFO listings. He worked the room incredibly well (especially when he was doing a sargeant impersonation and a woman had to go to the bathroom). Also...since I was staring at him on stage for almost two hours, he has really nice biceps, and I am not usually someone who notices these things. Truly, the whole show impressed me and if I were in town next weekend I might go back with friends. I love comedy that does more than just make people laugh (not that there is anything wrong with making people laugh, and in fact, the whole point of the show, or one of them, is that laughter is vital, whether we are on the brink of death or not. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the servicemembers in the slideshow--wide, wide, smiles--was pretty amazing. I've now seen 4 shows and 3 pieces of shows at AFO Fest, and this one truly stood out in a big, big way. Check it out.

OVER THERE: Comedy Is His Best Weapon

Winner ”Best Of Fringe” Hollywood & San Francisco Fringe Festivals 2011

Sat. Nov. 12th. @9PM & Sun. Nov. 20th. @9PM

Theatre 80 St. Marks - 80 St. Marks (just west of 1st ave) New York, NY 10003

Tickets: $20.00 (Portion of proceeds will go to Veterans) Buy tickets online HERE

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