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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

New beginnings

I'm officially in job search/supplement my income mode until I find a new full time job, so posting may be light, or possibly heavy. Who knows? I haven't yet figured out my new schedule, only that I know I need to write heavily every day and get as much running in as I can, both to maximize my monthly gym fee and for the feeling I get when I sweat like that, when my muscles are sore and my heart is pounding and I know for absolute sure I've accomplished something.

One easy way you can help me out is by visiting Cupcakes Take the Cake every day and passing on the link. We have daily cupcake content, events, contests and more. I'm hoping to use this time to learn more about boosting cupcake blog traffic, as well as working on some longer fiction ideas, organizing my home and generally assessing where I've been and where I'm going. I also have lots of book promo plans in the works; starting November 1 will be a month-long virtual book tour for Women in Lust

I know some of you probably didn't even know I had a full-time job because I don't think it's appropriate personal blog content, but aside from an unemployed stint back in 2003, I've worked full time since I left law school in 1999 and have no idea how I'd afford to live in New York City otherwise, but perhaps I'm about to find out. I learned so much at that job and am grateful that this law school dropout managed to worm her way into a full-time editorial job that has made me a much better writer, editor, proofreader, copyeditor and simply someone with a more critical eye all around. I found that I actually enjoy finding typos; it's an odd thrill, perhaps, but a thrill. I also learned it's much easier to edit other people's work than my own; when I proofread my short stories, I get bored because I already know what they say, or think I do.

I'm very calm and looking forward to being ruthless about sorting through my possessions, getting rid of things I don't need, reading books that have been awaiting me, like Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach, and spending good chunks of time with my MacBook Pro and friends new and old. Plus when I travel, like to Portland, Maine, my birthday trip to myself I'm still going to take, I can tack on a few extra days. And I'm definitely taking a break from readings, but have one coming up next week, October 12 at NYC indie booksore Bluestockings, for the HOT HOT HOT book Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica (review from me when I'm done, but it's amazing) and ones November 3rd and 17th and Chat Lounge in December. Details TK, but I infinitely prefer being behind my computer than in front of a mic. I'll leave that to the professionals for the most part.

I may be slower to respond to non-urgent emails as I focus on and figure out what's vital, and what's not. This new year seems like the perfect opportunity for that. I almost wrote "apologies in advance," but as I atone and ponder my mistakes of the past year, I know that I have much bigger apologies to make and don't want to tarnish them by tossing the word around. I'm simply taking care of myself and doing what I need to do to get to wherever I need to go next. I trust that anyone who cares about me understands that, and anyone who doesn't isn't worth caring about. If that sounds harsh, I don't intend it to, but at the same time, purging my people-pleasing urges is one of my goals for myself for this end of 35 and into being 36. It's a toxic way of acting/thinking because for plenty of people literally nothing you do will please them, and if you fall into the trap of trying, you automatically fail.

A snapshot of my visit to the beach this weekend:

I also learned s'mores come in gigantic size:



At October 04, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ack! that pic looks like a giant seagull is about to swoop in and eat those people on the beach!


At October 04, 2011, Blogger Kambri Crews said...

Exciting times for you! Best of luck and continued success. You are tireless and impressive.

At October 04, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shana Tova, Rachel. I know you're moving on to bigger and better things this year and every year.


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