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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Guardian UK piece on sexual fantasies and interveiw at OPEN

I wrote "Our fantasies say less about us than we think" (their title) for The Guardian's Comment is Free. I hope that title doesn't imply that I think fantasies aren't important, because the point of my piece is that I do. Hoping to have more pieces to share with you soon.

The problem with assuming that a given sexual fantasy (or appreciation of erotic books or films about a given subject) means anything more than being aroused by your own imagination or a form of entertainment is that it inhibits people from getting in touch with their real sexual feelings, even in their own minds. "Will this mean I'm gay? Perverted? Into group sex?" We become our own personal thought police in this way, which doesn't serve anyone's best interests. And it's not just self-policing; the idea that some kinds of fantasies are "wrong" is what leads to attempts to censor certain kinds of material, such as proposed Japanese legislation, which would have censored anime and manga art if characters looked under 18.

I was also interviewed at OPEN, a great new site. We discuss my Open tattoo, erotic writing inspiration, the strangest submission I've ever received, and other erotica concerns. You can read "The End" in the writing samples section of my website (which I also want to revamp and add to soon).

MAG: What other art forms inspire you?

RKB: All sorts of art inspires me. Music inspires me, sometimes a specific lyric, like the Sleater-Kinney quote from the song “Jenny” at the start of “The End,” a breakup erotica story that was in Best Lesbian Erotica and Best American Erotica (Susie Bright told me it made her cry), or a title. I wrote a story called “Bed-In” for a book whose theme was “Between the Sheets” and used John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s bed-in as a frame of reference, but went in a whole other direction. Recently, I watched the documentary My Kid Could Paint That and it somehow led to me writing a story set in an art gallery called “The Heart of Chaos” for Shanna Germain’s upcoming romantic BDSM anthology Bound by Lust. The connection is extremely tenuous, but it makes sense to me.

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