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Sunday, October 09, 2011

10 Cupcakes Take the Cake posts you should read

Cupcakes Take the Cake is my blogging pride and joy, my baby, the longest project I've worked on continuously, not counting this blog (and will outlast my previously held longest job), and it's funny because as I'm brainstorming pitches, cupcakes leap out at me at every turn. We will celebrate our 7th anniversary with a party in December (stay tuned!), are heading to New Paltz on October 22nd, I'm going to Scottsdale to judge Cupcake Love-In at the end of the month, and next August we'll be hosting a Cupcake Cruise. All very exciting. Cupcakes Take the Cake is also a large portion of my income, so if you like the blog, I'd love it if you'd pass it on to someone, Tweet it, like it on Facebook, etc. We are also on Tumblr. And if you have a local bakery that would like some postcards of ours, email me at cupcakestakethecake at with "Postcards" in the subject, how many you want, and where to send them (US only), and I'll get them right out.

I love that my favorite new local cafe, where I've been working a lot, asked me to help them find a cupcake supplier. Cupcakes have taught me so much and while there is much to learn about how to blog better and more often and more successfully, I want to remember how much the blog, the umpteen people I've met because of it, and the neverending source material, mean to me. Yesterday I spent seemingly forever writing one little erotica story, which turned out to be not so little. I have no idea if it works; that'll be for my publisher to decide, but by the time I got to the end, my brain was tired. My brain gets excited about cupcake blogging, and while I don't have time to post all the ideas I have, it's not exhausting in that same way.

So, I present you with 10 recent cupcake posts I think are worth your time:

RIP Steve Jobs: Apple, iPod touch and iPhone cupcakes

Owl, dinosaur, bird, turtle, Hello Kitty and other cute cupcake toppers from Etsy

The cutest Cookie Monster cupcake I've ever seen

Cupcakes in A Very Babymouse Christmas (I cannot possibly recommend the Babymouse series more, and it's my go-to gift to every parent of young children I know. Also, there's Hannukah in here too!)

Cupcake violence captured in photographs

My friend Rebecca's adorable 3-year-old daughter celebrates her birthday with cupcakes

Halloween cupcake cuteness alert: mummy, zombie and vampire cupcake toppers on Etsy!

Rubik's Cube and Angry Birds cake pops

Halloween monster cupcakes

Henna-inspired wedding cupcake tower

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