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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Want to read: Ink Flamingos by Karen E. Olson

Ink Flamingos is the fourth and final (boo) book in Karen E. Olsen's tattoo mystery series starring Las Vegas tattoo artist and amateur sleuth Brett Kavanaugh. I discovered the series at Bookpeople in Austin (before I'd gotten my tattoo) last year and have been hooked ever since. I'm six chapters in and totally hooked!

I love that there are elements of romance, family (her brother is her landlord), Brett running her own business, Las Vegas life, and, of course, tattoos and artwork and how selling your art when it's inked on someone's body becomes so personal, plus that tattoos always play an intimate role in the murders. These are fast-paced and wild and fun and I'm sad this is the last of the series but highly recommend them. I look forward to reading Olson's other mysteries as well.

Author Karen E. Olson writes on her blog:

I have a lot of people emailing me, telling me they love the series and would love to see it continue. There are two things going on here. First, the publisher has not extended my contract. Second, I'm done with the series. I think four books is perfectly fine for a cozy, amateur sleuth mystery series. Sometimes I have issues with those cozy series that go on and on and on, and I wonder why the amateur sleuth doesn't decide to move out of town, disappear for a while because once you've got dead bodies piling up in your life, I'd think you'd get a real complex about it. I know Brett does. That's why this has to be the last one. She's done. Done with solving crimes. She's onto bigger and better things in her life.

I hope you'll check out the book. It's a fun, fast read and Brett is dodging tattoo bloggers and stalkers. The plot is intensely personal for her.

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