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Monday, May 23, 2011

"Fishnet Queen," "Lap Dance Lust" and "Doing the Dishes" coming soon to an e-reader near you

self-portrait in white fishnets

I’m making the leap into offering my short stories for sale on Amazon for download, probably for 99 cents each, once I figure out exactly how to do it. One of them will be “Fishnet Queen.” Also “Lap Dance Lust” and “Doing the Dishes.” If you have any story requests, let me know!

From "Fishnet Queen" by me:

First thing I see are her legs, clad in the kind of stockings that make me hard just by thinking about them: fishnets. Her legs are long, and in her mini skirt, which rides up her thigh, I can see her pale skin augmented by the tightly woven black pattern that seems made just for her. She doesn’t just wear the fishnets, she owns them. I've seen women try to rock fishnets who simply can't pull them off, who wear them as if they were any other kind of stockings, tugged on hastily during a rushed morning, ripped in spots, slammed into sneakers, used and abused in the most careless manner possible.

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