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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"'Real women' are all women" and the lovely fat positive blogs on Tumblr

I’m not gonna lie: I have body issues. It's not a secret. I would like to lose 20 pounds. Am I nervous about not being at that dream/goal weight and getting naked with someone new? Hell yeah. I try to eat green vegetables and fruit every day and listen to my doctor about only drinking two cups of coffee a day (the latter is probably the toughest thing). I have plenty of issues about my body but I also am working on liking it just the way it is and accentuating the parts I like, on dressing up and not worrying about how my stomach or my ass or my arms look at any given moment.

So I loved this quote on the I love Fat!" blog on Tumblr:

There’s no such thing as a “fake woman”. A real woman may be your best friend or your worst idealogical enemy. They’re fat, skinny, and everything in-between, some shave their legs and some don’t, some have vaginas and some have penises (and some have both), some are near-saints and some are murderers, and some are even Sarah Palin. It’s no good to pick out your favorite group of women and single them out as “real women” because of their biology, psychology, or ideology. There’s no point in feminism unless it’s working for the equality of ALL women, not just the ones you agree with and like.

Dig in for just two minutes and you'll find a huge wealth of fat-positive blogs on Tumblr, including fashion ones that'll likely inspire you if you like girlie type fashion. It helps if you're on Tumblr but you don't have to be. Style is eternal is just one of many, many fashion bloggers rocking her style (and sense of humor). And tattoos!

A related announcement is coming soon...already happened if you read my Tumblr, actually, but stay tuned.



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