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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Spanakopitza from Papa Cristos and caramel Oreo ice cream at Scoops

Yesterday I had lunch with Zach from Midtown Lunch LA (founder and former blogger of Midtown Lunch). He asked if I was up for trying Greek food, I said yes, and off we went to Papa Cristos, where I tried this delicious spanakopitza:

I'm a big spinach fan, and feta fan, so the combination all warmed up on bread with caramelized onions was delicious. I also had a big salad, and tasted Zach's gyro meat. I felt a little badly because I was mocking the signs on the homemade baklava, which looked delicious, but said "homemade" "chocolate" and "raspberry" and then I tried to explain to the very short, white-haired man helping me why those shouldn't be in quotes, but it didn't compute. I gave the baklava to the friends I'm staying with and got thumbs up. I'd definitely go back; it was spacious, much more so than you'd ever get in New York, and there were free samples of tabouli, honey halva spread and bread.

Then we hung out at Scoops in Culver City, which is run by a food blogger, where I ate this delicious caramel Oreo and chocolate almond non-dairy ice cream and tried to resolve my flight situation. It was very good, though the chocolate almond was a bit too almond-y for my taste, the caramel Oreo was perfect. Flavors change daily.

If you're in LA, follow @midtownlunchLA on Twitter for the latest and if you like music and food, see Zach's new Tumblr, Food is the New Rock.

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