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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sex and the internet are not comparable

This whole "giving up sex or the Internet" made me crack up. I can live without sex (and am til November), but the Internet? Never! I say it jokingly but the reality is, my incone would drop to a point where I doubt I'd be able to support myself without the internet, which I use to pitch articles, file articles, read submissions, publicize my books, etc. Not to mention interact with almost everyone I know. But to each their own! These ladies can have all the men in designer outfits. I'm much more of a starving artist type, or ladies in pretty dresses. Granted, I highly doubt anyone would actually give up these things in real, non-survey life, but still, I object to the lumping of sex and the internet together.

From MyDaily:

According to the survey:

• 10 percent of women would give up sex or the Internet for a sharp-dressed fella
• 23 percent would toss their iPhone into the nearest river if he'd get rid of those pleated pants
• 32 percent of women have actually tossed a piece of their significant other's clothing
• 65 percent said, more gently, that their other half's closet "could use a makeover"


At February 21, 2011, Anonymous Pendard said...

I've given up both sex and the Internet before, and it was MUCH easier to give up the Internet. Once I made the initial adjustment it was kind of a relief not to use the Internet, and I had so much free time. Whereas going without sex just gets worse and worse as time goes by.


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