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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Looking for interviewees on female bisexuality

I'm writing a story for Penthouse about straight male/bisexual female couples, looking at different arrangements these couples have in terms of monogamy, etc. If you'd like to be interviewed (need men and women), email me at rachelkb at with "Penthouse" in the subject line and your basic story and I'll be in touch. Thank you! To some degree, I'm looking to explore whether, for straight men, how dating a bisexual woman is different from (better? worse?) than dating a straight woman. All perspectives are welcome from couples that fit the above category. This pretty much includes almost every couple I know to some degree, and my curiosity about what relationships like some of my past ones have been like, hence the inspiration. Would need to talk to you by end of March, ideally sooner.

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