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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cocktail oral erotica with no actual sex story "Blow Me" in Nice Girls, Naughty Sex

One of the assignments I give out and discuss when I teach erotica is about writing an erotica story where no actual sex takes place (and I don't mean no "intercourse" but no actual genital sexual contact between the characters). It's a tough thing to pull off and definitely not what I'd want to see from most erotica submissions but sometimes it works. My story "Blow Me" was inspired by a cocktail and is now published in the Seal Press anthology Nice Girls, Naughty Sex: 20 Erotic Tales, edited by Jordan LaRousse and Samantha Sade of the website Oysters and Chocolate (if you're looking for places to submit your erotica, check them out). I haven't seen the book yet but hopefully I will soon (kindof skeeves me out that someone "reviewed" it on Amazon saying they hadn't read it yet but were excited about it - call me crazy, but that doesn't seem like the purpose of Amazon reviews).

It's a story with alternating points of view, which I rarely do. If you like the story and want more oral sex erotica, do of course check out my IPPY-winning anthologies Tasting Him: Oral Sex Stories and Tasting Her: Oral Sex Stories

A Technicality, by Sommer Marsden

Behind Bars, by Sarannah DeWylde

Siestas and Spanish Leather Boots, by Rosalia Zizzo

Name Your Price, by A.M. Hartnett

Looking for Wintergreen, by Trish DeVene

At a Standstill, by Heidi Champa

A Welcome Threat, by Venerato Petronius

Dirty Cop Doesn’t Mean What It Used To, by Emily Croy

Blow Me, by Rachel Kramer Bussell

For His Pleasure, by Sienna Conroy

Good Doggy, by Janine Ashbless

Evelyn, by Julian Augustus Finisterre

Corset, by Kay Jaybee

A Lesson for Claire, by Claire Gravier

Serving Miss Paden, by Talia Kelley

Phoenix, by Valerie Lewis

An Open Letter, by Aimee Herman

Dragon Lady, by Kristina Wright

Daylight Savings Time, by Jeremy Edwards

Honeymoon Suite, by Donna George Storey

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