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Sunday, December 05, 2010

My new mittens, Kate Spade Christmas light bondage, and Mexicue

To either reward you for making it through my overly long, overwrought post (feel free to skip it - trust me, even I am bored by my heart/mind sometimes, but the hope is that putting it "out there" will be cathartic, though time will tell) or to give you something more fun to look at than a bunch of words, here, in no particular order, snapshots from the last few days (see also: my personal Flickr account):

I traded winter coats with my cousin; she was digging my Brooklyn Industries puffy black one with a hood, while I admired her black and orange wool coat. I went to Brooklyn Industries in Chelsea to find a hat, but instead, came out with gloves. And lust for their purple down coat. Their hats were also super warm, but I already have a hat, I just couldn't find it. I am hoping I can hang onto these until at least January; I don't have a great track record with mittens/gloves. Or umbrellas.

Window of Kate Spade SoHo

Barbecue brisket slider with spicy slaw and avocado and pinto bean taco from Mexicue, a Mexican BBQ-themed food truck you can follow on Twitter @Mexicue, which I plan to buy lunch every Thursday (Water and Broad!).

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