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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last In The Flesh photos and new blog: Books Food Fashion

Here's one photo of 151 from the last In The Flesh; see the entire set by Anya Garrett, who I hope to keep on working with in some capacity, because she's wonderful. I have to set some of them to moderate (you'll just have to click to see them) since Flickr doesn't love boobs as much as I do!

yay us! And my lovely new one-shoudler Yumi Kim dress. This was during the break, right after Stormy Leather's performance.

I am on a ton of book and article deadlines, and after the last few years of sheer flakiness, trying to actually prioritize writing. I know, ME! It's a shocker, or it will be, if I get them turned in. But I am abandoning my Tumblr blog and trying to mentally kick myself when I go into blogging about my personal life mode (I should get paid for that, right?) so in lieu of my blathering about dumb stuff, I am trying to actually talk about things I like in three main areas on my new Posterous blog: Books Food Fashion. I suck at commitment, but I do find I like the structure of a blog with a topic, and those are things I have a lot to say about, especially as I set about getting rid of so many clothes and books at home. So we'll see. Gotta get back to the words, which are coming about as slowly as one can possibly write, but they are coming.

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