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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Erotica by the numbers

I get about 10:1 ratio of stories involving blowjobs over cunnilingus (I did not actually count, but that's what it seems like); even higher percentage about female subs than male subs. Just observations as I cull from hundreds of erotica stories to get through latest round of anthologies. These are from female authors, and it helps me figure out what’s popular, but also always makes me wonder why topics skew that way, if certain acts or mindsets are easier to write about, or just more popular in general.

I so rarely see female dominant erotica, or male submissive erotica, unless the call specifically asks for that. It's forced me to expand my writing horizons at times to balance things, and push myself. I'm writing a story named after a Beatles song, and it's fiction, but does focus on a body part I'm a big fan of, which I'm trying to present in a kindof sweet way, as befitting a book of erotic romance, and to prove to myself that I can write cute too. I was excited to come up with the idea after months of flailing about for this particular book. Now I'll have to see if it pans out.

Will be interesting as I work on my oral sex erotica book to balance everything. I’ve got some new calls I’ll be announcing in the new year too, so stay tuned. As maddening as the process can be, I love editing and bringing stories and authors together. I’m hoping to go to the UK for some Gotta Have It events in the spring, which would be very cool if it works out. I forget sometimes that I haven’t actually met some of the authors I love to publish.

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At December 23, 2010, Blogger Lucy Felthouse said...

I'm still working on my story for Going Down, and it's about cunnilingus, so here's hoping you like it!

Would be awesome to meet you if you do come to the UK! :)


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