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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sex toy anthology seeks stories

Here's a call for submissions that should especially be of interest to new authors (it's not mine, those are on my webpage)

See to enter and/or Ravenous Romance for details:

For our September 2010 contest,
is joining forces with
to offer a
to the contest winner...
in a brand-new

anthology of stories
featuring adult toys!

Ravenous Romance

If you're a current Ravenous Romance author, sorry, you can't enter through (you'll have to submit your story directly to Ravenous Romance), but anyone else--published or not--is eligible to win!

Never fear--you'll still get your three Story Inspirations (and the exclusive keychain, of course!)--but you'll also be published in the Toy Anthology (as yet unnamed) to be available for sale on the Ravenous Romance site in October of 2010. The anthology will also be available on the site as a free download with store purchase.

You'll need to stay within their guidelines if you want them
to consider your story, and the 5,000 word limit
on still applies.

We want to help you get published! Good luck
A big THANK YOU to California Exotic Novelties for sponsoring this very special contest!

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