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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

$2.20 buys you sex writing tips from me, Susie Bright, Stephen Elliott and Rachel Resnick

If you missed me, Susie Bright, Rachel Resnick and Stephen Elliott talking sex writing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (or just want to relive it), there's audio available for $2.20 on Amazon (I did not know we were being taped). It was such a blur because of the whole LA ride thing (I'm going back next month for the West Hollywood Book Fair but am gonna station myself early in WeHo somehow) and running around being interviewed for the radio that I dashed in and must've looked like a madwoman but I think it was a fascinating panel and was honored to be asked, and also impressed with the free event, which had a food section, outdoor stuff for kids, and was my first chance to meet the wonderful Jillian Lauren.

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