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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fast Girls excerpt: "Communal" by Saskia Walker

I'm taking this excerpt from "Communal" by Saskia Walker, published in Fast Girls: Erotica for Women (click to read the introduction and table of contents - other authors include Tristan Taormino and Kayla Perrin), from her blog.

I vow that I will be as decadent and liberated in my sexuality as she is.

Kirstie Jefferies made this vow while she listened to another woman reaching orgasm. She was standing outside the communal shower in her university hall of residence, transfixed. She’d been about to return to her room and come back for her shower later, but the sound was so incredibly sexy that she had been forced to stay and listen, her own sense of sexual need rising all the while. Steam billowed over the top of the shower cubicle door and — with it — the sound of another deeply pleasured female moan. Her entire skin prickled, her pussy instantly slick.

A moment later she heard a male voice whispering encouragement. There were two of them in there. Who was the woman? Whoever it was hadn’t wasted any time getting laid. It was the third day of the new term. Kirstie smiled to herself—this was part of what she’d come to University for, liberation of the sexual kind.

“Oh, yeah, you’re so tight,” the man said. “I’m almost there.”

The woman gave a breathless grunt in response. The sound of it sent a shiver of need through Kirstie. Her pussy ached to have that kind of attention and she was getting more aroused by the moment. Female laughter bubbled up inside the cubicle, and then morphed again into intense moaning.

Kirstie’s body responded, identifying on a deep, innate level with the other woman’s orgasm. She was absurdly aroused, trapped there by her need to relate, her need to be that woman. Shifting from one foot to the other, she lifted her hair from the back of her neck, where the skin was feverishly hot. Her sex clenched repeatedly. She brushed her hands over her robe, touching her aching breasts through the fabric.

Inside the cubicle the woman began to pant. She’d reached climax. It was such a turn on that Kirstie couldn’t help herself. She slipped her hand inside her robe to cup and squeeze her pussy in her hand, massaging her clit until it thrummed and slick juices spread half way down her thighs.

Then the man let out a deep, animalistic sound, and Kirstie knew he had come as well. She worked her hand, rubbing her clit until she, too, reached orgasm. Waves of pleasure washed over her. Dropping her head back against the wall, she closed her eyes for a moment to regain her composure, and then straightened her robe.

The couple eventually emerged.

Kirstie stared at the door as it opened, dying to know who they were.

It was Doug, a big beefy blond American anthropology student. The woman he’d been ramming up against the slippery tiles was Teresa, a pretty French student with dyed red hair and tribal tattoos on both arms. The big American guy winked at her as they passed. Did they know that she could hear them? Would they guess that she was aroused, and that she’d been touching herself while she listened to them? She smiled at them, admiringly. Doug looked back and grinned, and Teresa winked at her, too. Whoa, that made her even hotter.

“Hey Kirstie,” Teresa said, and left the shower door open. She had a knowing look in her eyes and a wickedly suggestive smile. “It’s all yours.”

Kirstie thanked her, then darted into the cubicle and drove the bolt home. The way Teresa had looked at her, almost as if she was identifying, made her feel even more horny. When she stepped into the shower after them she felt them even closer around her. It wasn’t just hearing Teresa have sex and wanting to be in her shoes that made her so hot. There in the shower, the sounds haunted her. Looking up she saw that the showerhead had been twisted half off the wall. She pictured the French woman with her hands wrapped around the jutting fixture, reveling in her sexual freedom, her body pivoting from it as the American worked his erect cock into her under the flowing water.

Kirstie’s body burned up all over again with the idea of it. Under the powerful sluice of the water the event played over in her mind and as it did it was with a sudden, breathless realization that she became aware of all the sex that might have gone on in the cubicle over the years, all the women who had found their way to freedom in here. She closed her eyes, almost hearing the whispered voices of the others who had been in here, touching each other, sharing the heat, or stroking their own bodies under the shower. How many orgasms had happened here?

“Hundreds,” she whispered to herself. Hundreds of people getting dirty while they were supposed to be getting clean. The rapidly splashing water was a burbling chuckle that only seemed to confirm her thoughts. A moan of frustration escaped her lips...

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