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Friday, April 02, 2010

Read this: Elizabeth Spiers on being adopted

This is an excellent first-person essay, "Alien Baby: Genetics, Adoption, and How I Became Myself" by former Gawker editor and all-around very smart writer and cool person, Elizabeth Spiers:

There are a handful of things I know about her, my biological mother. Her maiden name was a common Latina name. She was married to someone whose surname was “Hancock” and she was 27 when she gave birth to me at a hospital in Montgomery, Alabama at 12:08 AM one morning in December of 1976. I know where she lived at the time and I know she was born in Georgia. All of this information is included in the document that’s been sitting on my kitchen table in New York for the last few days—a copy of my certificate of live birth.

Six years ago, I sent a letter to the Alabama Center or Health Statistics requesting the birth certificate, and it came back along with a copy of my adoption decree. Until now, this is the most active thing I’ve done to find my biological parents. Until now, I’ve been ambivalent about it.

Read the whole essay.

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