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Friday, January 15, 2010

Get ready for Girl Crush

So this anthology won't be out until May, but I wanted to share the good news...not only is my story "Great Lengths" going to be included (I've had a few loser stories lately), but it opens the upcoming Cleis Press anthology Girl Crush: Women's Erotic Fantasies. My story features long red hair, chocolate martinis, making out and more inspired by someone I really had a hardcore girl crush on for quite a while. The Pourhouse in Williamsburg (also a prominent player in my true-ish story "Two Guys, A Girl and a Porno Movie") was where we often hung out. Now back to the pesky, troubling, hate it self-editing.

I can't wait! We will likely have someone, if not several someones, reading from the book on June 17 at GLBT Erotica Night at In The Flesh.

Introduction Diana Cage
Great Lengths Rachel Kramer Bussel
Mirador Teresa Lamai
Craving Madeline Shanna Germain
Call Me Cleopatra Gabrielle Foster
Skinny Dipping Angela Caperton
The Things I Can Do For Her David Erlewine
I Told A Stranger All About You Yesterday Vanessa Vaughn
Cut & Dry Heidi Champa
Cecily Kris Adams
The Leopard Print Menace Melissa Gira
The Bachelorette Julia Peters
Girl in a Gorilla Suit Lori Selke
The Out-of-Towner Delilah Devlin
Rebel Girl Kirsty Logan
The Best Kind of Revenge Geneva King
One Eighty Carrie Cannon
Running Away and Running Home Again Annabeth Leong
An Introduction G.G. Royale
Seduction by Proxy Evan Mora
Discovering Donnie Cheyenne Blue
Good Neighbors Jennifer Geneva
Girl Crazy Gina de Vries
Psychology 101 R. Gay

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