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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Permanently jetlagged, or so it seems

I’ve been recovering from my redeye flight home from LA Sunday night and all the work I haven’t done, though I wish I were getting ready to send out holiday cards, which I adore (even though some people say cards are way over). So anyway, I am getting better but am still pretty weak, though will be eating as many s’mores cupcakes as I can tonight at our Cupcakes Take the Cake 5-year blogiversary party.

I'm stuffy and it's a very sort segment, but I was on New Zealand radio talking about cupcakes yesterday.

If you're looking to give books as holiday gifts (to yourself or others), look no further than Brooklyn indie bookstore Word's holiday gift list. It's delightfully quirky and at the end has recommendations from Anna Perleberg dirct from her shopping list "For My Father, Who Eats History For Breakfast" and "For My Little Brother, Who Is a Nerd in All the Best Possible Ways."

See also Jesse Kornbluth's "10 Books No One Else Will Ever Suggest" (more from me on Head Butler soon).

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