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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!

From me, and someecards

Lots of people are doing giant decade wrapups and honestly, I'd rather move on. 2000 was the first year I was gainfully employed (I started temping immediately upon leaving law school in 1999) and I moved into my current apartment in March of 2000, I declared bankruptcy, started the job I have now in March 2004, wrote for The Village Voice, started Cupcakes Take the Cake, went on The Martha Stewart Show (that is probably the one thing I did in the aughts that I still can't quite believe happened), started writing and editing erotica, blah fucking blah. I just can't get into caring about that when I have stuff that's pressing right now, like, you know, adding 7 events to Facebook. I'd rather focus on what's next, though I may do a 2009 recap of some of the work I'm most proud of if I have time in this killer weekend. It certainly wasn't all bad, there are major highlights, but for the most part, I'm so happy to leave crazy 2009 way, way behind.

Click here to read my "Pervy Postcards" review of their hilarious postcard book Say something dirty to 45 friends, lovers, and mailmen in Penthouse (I recommend both the site and the postcard books - great gifts and great to send, to those who'll get the jokes).

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At January 01, 2010, Blogger Rex Venom said...

Happy New Year!
Let the wild one go?
Hope this one is more sane?
We will see
Rock on!


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