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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Double X highlights my comment on "Hookers Give the Best Advice"

I'm working on a list of "10 Sites I'm Grateful For" - I thought of the idea at Thanksgiving. I have the sites, just working on gathering logos and writing them up. Anyway, one of them is Double X, Slate's women's interest blog. Great writing about all kinds of topics related to current events and pop culture and feminism and other things.

So I was thrilled to visit the site and see my comment on yesterday's "Hookers Give the Best Advice" article by Jessica Grose highlighted on the upper-right hand side. The article uses Ashley Dupre's new advice column for the New York Post as a jumping off point for a look at historical courtesans and madams and how their advice helped shape politics and the influence it had over powerful men.

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