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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BlogTO covers my Toronto sex and cupcake adventure

Big thanks to Toronto blog BlogTO for such a great writeup of my entire weekend adventures! I myself very stupidly didn't put batteries into my brand-new digital camera and still don't have them in so don't have photos of my own, though BlogTO got some great ones. And on Friday, I think, the Globe and Mail is also running a story. There are many reasons i want to go back to Toronto, and one of them is the fabulous sex toy store Come As You Are, which is not only a worker-owned cooperative, but also had some very cool toys. I'd have shopped but was busy getting ready for the workshop.

What do you get when you mix smutty writing and extreme cupcake enthusiasm? You get Rachel Bussel (renowned erotica author and cupcake connoisseur), who was recently in Toronto promoting all of sex, sugar highs and buttercream frosting.

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