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Monday, September 07, 2009

What happened at Quickies

We had a huge number of readers (9!) on Friday night for Quickies, a Brazilian film crew, and a lot of fun! I have no idea if I have the time or energy for another quickies, so that may be the end (but In The Flesh is going strong), so pay attention/get a postcard/follow us on Facebook/Twitter (links at on In The Flesh page). If you liked Melissa Febos's pee-filled excerpt from her forthcoming memoir Whip Smart, make sure you come back for BDSM Night March 18th! And obviously, don't miss superstar night at In The Flesh September 17th with Susan Shapiro, Amy Sohn, Joshua Lyon, Julie Metz, Kerry Cohen and Diana Joseph! (Seriously, you will kick yourself hard if you miss this.) And postcards are now in! Send your US mailing address to rachelkramerbussel at with "ITF Postcard" in the subject if you want one. There are plenty!

Of course there were the usual 100 FREE Baked by Melissa cupcakes which were very quickly devoured!

Sorry about photo quality/scarcity, we may get some more in, this is a lowkey, no budget affair so, no real photos save for my iPhone.

Whip Smart author Melissa Febos whipped the night into shape with an excerpt about her first day as a pro domme.

Michelle Robinson read a supernatural (I think that's the right word) that scared me but was also very hot that will be published next year.

Jackson West proved that Sarah Palin erotica (his story is called "Sarah Palin: The Agony and the Ecstasy") is still timely. And Sarah Palin impersonator extraordinaire Sara Benincasa was in the audience!

Jackson West shot this photo of me in my paparazzi moment. We should have video at some point from the Brazilian TV crew, who also interviewed several readers.

Said Brazilian TV crew who asked amazing questions (ummm...yes, I have gotten spanked in the downstairs of Happy Ending and had phone sex outside the bar, though I didn't reveal quite all those details because really, you should come for the crazy hot readers and free snacks, not to hook up).

That being said, I spied a couple making out in a booth and I know that at least one set of people met that night and left together, so...make of that what you will.

Thanks to everyone who read, the TV crew, and Frank at Happy Ending for another fabulous night of smut. I even had one newcomer who I've been trying to get to read who I just may have convinced with this Quickies, so that's a coup.

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