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Sunday, August 02, 2009

San Francisco Bay Guardian likes The Mile High Club

Before I forget, THANK YOU to everyone who bought Bottoms Up for my Amazon Spike Day promotion. We do have a winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, but picked a very cool paddle. I really appreciate the support and am hoping to do more contests in the future.

D. Scot Miller gave The Mile High Club a great shoutout in San Francisco Bay Guardian blog Sex SF:

Unless Greyhound grows wings, I'll never be a member of the mile-high club. For those that don't know, the mile-high club sports members who have gotten a little somethin'-somethin' 30,000 feet in air. Membership is just one trip to that chemical-smelling cubicle that most airlines call bathrooms. Cleis Press editor Rachel Kramer Bussel puts a much better spin on the prospect in her anthology The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories. One-flight stands, kinky passengers, fantasy stewards, and cozy couples commingle when free to move about the cabin.

The standout piece for me is Thomas S. Roche's, "When Your Girlfriend Wears A Very Short Skirt." I've been seeing Roche's name in anthologies for years and often found his work not daring enough for my taste. Imagine my surprise when the word "cunt" was just sitting there! I never use that word. Not much of a fan of it either - I prefer pussy - but Roche dropping it in the middle of his piece was like a wolf showing off his teeth for the first time. Maybe he'd used it before, but this time I was shocked, appalled, and impressed.

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