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Sunday, August 09, 2009

"More Than a Mouthful" and other sales

I am at Think Coffee trying to get some writing done; am making myself stay here until I complete a few important tasks. I've been devouring the latest Romance Writers of America newsletter and Jill Dearman's book Bang the Keys for inspiration. The bottom line is that most anyone talking about writing talks about persistence and, um, writing. So that's what I'm trying to do. I need to write a story about a houseboy and the intro to Please, Sir and am working on an article for New York Press about local reading series. And a few dozen other things.

But really, I keep going back to write what you know. What I know is...complicated, to say the least. Hot and dirty and crazy and complicated. It would make good fiction and sometimes I have to pinch myself that it's my life. At the same time, writing about your life changes it, makes it into something so meta that I think you can lose yourself in the words rather than the sensations. I'm doing plenty of personal writing and what comes out often shocks me, in a good way. It wakes me up. It's so instantaneous, I don't have time or room or reason to censor myself. And that's a good thing. Maybe someday my journal entries will find their way into something else, but for now, I like holding them close to my chest, like peeking at them, like letting myself go to places I've never been, in my head at least.

But anyway, I wanted to share some recent sales. One is a story called "More Than a Mouthful" to the forthcoming anthology The Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes, edited by Linda Alvarez. You can, um, probably guess what it's about. My story "What Pretty Girls Do" (inspired by the Kirsty MacColl song "What Do Pretty Girls Do?") will be published in Jolie du Pre's The Cougar Book anthology. That one I'd submitted to various anthologies over the last year or two and I'm so glad it finally found a home. I like using music, or just a random lyric or two, as inspiration. And a story whose title was not my idea (I just wouldn't tend to use those words, but I'm proud of the story), "Let Down Your Libido," will appear in Alison Tyler's Harlequin Spice anthology Alison's Wonderland in July. It's based on Rapunzel.

I will post some story excerpts soon. I keep trying to revive old stories when really there's a whole new story forming in my head. More than a story, a potential novel, even. I don't know if it's too...depraved for who I have in mind for it, but we shall see. I have about 4 novel ideas in my head so I will sign off but leave you with a sexy shoe photo from Pumps Pumps Pumps (via Alison Tyler). Because I am in the market for sexy slutty shoes, plan to shop next weekend. This week I'll be giving my new sneakers a workout at NYSC where my awesome Ashley makes me sweat and grunt and make me wonder why I pay her, until I feel the sweet soreness of my muscles afterward.



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