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Monday, August 10, 2009

Join us Wednesday for the world's longest cupcake kebab!

WHEN: Wednesday, August 12, 8:00pm - 11:00pm
WHERE: New York City’s Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery
WHAT: Our first-ever themed night of world records. And the theme? Fooooooood! Though recent appearances on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and at the Pitchfork Fest in Chicago have been fun, we are bonkers with excitement about this upcoming event.

“Food records” doesn’t necessarily mean shoving hot dogs down your throat. Past records we’ve documented include Tallest Carrot Cake, Most Names Written On A Dry Piece Of Spaghetti and Fastest Time To Open A Can Of Alphabet Soup And Spell ‘PANTYHOSE’. Be creative. To join the bill and set a food-related record (or beat one from our site), email


* Longest Cupcake Kebab - Nichelle Stephens and Rachel Kramer Bussel of Cupcakes Take The Cake ( and Nora Vetter of Nibbles by Nora

* Most Times Changing Order While Ordering Chinese Food Without Getting Hung Up On - Matt Vescovo

* Most Crustless PB&J Sandwiches Made By 10 People In 1 Minute - Hilary Hodge & Friends

* Tallest S’more - Clint Cantwell

* Most Tortillas Frisbeed In 30 Seconds - Alexandra Young

See this site for more details

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