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Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy weekend photo post

I'm not really back blogging here, I don't think, but I hate leaving on such a bitter note. I actually now feel good about the weekend, hurricane possibilities and all. I get to hang with my little cousin, see my family, chill at the beach, do some Vineyardy things.

So here are some things that do make me happy - this has been a stressful week but ending on an up note. Working on some exciting stories and bigger projects too and trying to turn in anthologies so I can work on new ones. Also went to the gym 5 times today and pre-bought 24 personal training sessions (2 half hour ones/week). I'm reading this light but fun mystery Killer Workout and there are little tips in there and one of them was that even if you can just find 10 minutes a day, do that. So I'm carving out time when I can. Plus I have friends coming in front out of town and other plans to look forward to, just have to be patient and try to not be so stressed out.

Onto the photos:

In Chinatown outside the J/M/Z train there was a cart selling tofu and it was delicious! And only $1. I thought it would be all crispy and tough but it was light and tender and had hot sauce on it (that was optional). I even got another.

Tofu from a street cart = yum!

My local deli makes this amazing kale/shitake mushroom salad that whenever they have it I get a giant container. I go there pretty much every day because I'm actually pretty boring with my food - I get 2 eggs on whole wheat in the morning and usually just eat the eggs. Anyway, when they have this, it makes my mouth very happy:

Kalte shitake mushroom salad

I went to Veneiro's the other night to chat about books with Julie Klausner, whose memoir I Don't Care About Your Band comes out in January (and who reads at In The Flesh February 18th). She seemed shocked that I'd only been there maybe once or twice. They key lime tart was very, very tart. I ate maybe half of it. The crust was thick enough to help ease the tartness. And I like tart, but a little went a long way.

Veneiro's key lime tart

Thank you to whoever sent me this $100 bill in the mail. That pays for 1/10 of my training sessions. I really appreciate it, even though it feels very strange.

In my post office box

I saw this on the W train and felt like there had to be a story there:

As seen on the W train

Me and my grandmother. I think this was taken at my cousin's baby shower and the "baby" is going to be 4 in November, so...

I love her, I really do, even when she's being crazy to me. She's a wonderful grandmother and I understand the impulse.

with my grandmother

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At August 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

costs. I get 24 sessions for $250 so I see my trainer 5x/week. Then again, I live in BFE.


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