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Friday, July 03, 2009

SoHo Michael Jackson window and other browsing

So I bit the bullet and forked over for green glasses at Facial Index. I was trying to explain exactly what color green they are last night, and failed, so you'll just have to wait and see. To me, they make me look "brainy," which I suppose is what I was going for. I also heard that you can get glasses at Costco (you have to join, but it's still worth it financially), so next year, I may do that if I need another pair.

I hope to have them Monday. As soon as I do, I know I will feel so much better about myself, like the difference between wearing lipstick or not. Wearing my old black glasses feels wrong, ugly, and like I am just not myself, which makes it hard to socialize, work, etc. I'm not saying I can't socialize or work, I just feel off.

Anyway, I saw some interesting art as I was walking around, but I forgot the name of the gallery where the second and third images is from, will have to check when I go pick up my glasses.

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