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Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm getting (almost) naked for the 2010 Sex Bloggers Calendar - sponsor us!

On Wednesday night, I'm getting (almost) naked again for a sexy photo shot by Circe for this:

Why should you buy? To support Sex Work Awareness, and because Miss Calico is offering photos. See for more info.

If you’re a business think about buying one day each month and being remembered all year or if you have special sales to promote, you can even include a promotion code for a specified time period. If you’re a blogger you can have your blog url on your day, or if you’re a reader, any personal message – you can wish us luck or send a greeting to your favorite blogger or celebrate your birthday or anniversary – up to 80 characters will be printed on your day. That $30 includes one pre-ordered calendar (shipping is extra) with all funds in excess of our expenses going directly to Sex Work Awareness. You can purchase as many additional days as you like depending upon availability for $10 each. Although this is a 2010 calendar, we are on schedule and can only sell days through , August 1, 2009 in order to give our graphic designer enough time before the finished calendar must be sent to the printer.

By clicking on one of the purchase buttons to the right you’ll be taken to the Audacia Ray’s Waking Vixen store to make your purchase. Some of you will remember last year that we used a Paypal account at first but after being reviewed by Paypal twice due to the word “sex” in our name we moved the sales to Dacia’s store to avoid the risk of having our account shut down by Paypal. What some of you may not know is that when Paypal shuts an account for what they feel is a violation of their TOS they confiscate all funds in that account.

When you complete your sale you may use the section titled “Shipping Instructions” to list your top three choices for dates on the calendar you want along with your 80 character message. Within 24 hours you will receive an email confirming your date(s) on the calendar. If you are purchasing more than one day on the calendar please just indicate your choice of dates and we will follow up with you by email for these 80 character messages you would like.


If you would like to use Paypal to purchase a personalize day on the 2010 calendar or pre-order the calendar email us at for details.

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