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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Women don't know how to write about sex says female editor of The Erotic Review

I'm planning to write more about this, but in case you missed Kate "women can't write about sex" Copstick, the new editor of The Erotic Review, check out Tracy Clark-Flory's piece at Broadsheet, where she quoted me, debauchette, Lux Alptraum, Tracy Quan, and Susie Bright, and Jezebel nailed Copstick's ridiculousness and gave a sweet plug to In The Flesh (this Thursday, free cupcakes/sex toys/books!).

And to be fair, here is one of the exact quotes:

I think women, too many of them, whether it's nature or nurture or politics, they're not straightforward about sex.

Remittance Girl had this to say:

It's not that men and women write about sex differently. I've read male erotica writers who are all about context, all about emotion. I've read women writers who are about nothing more than scratching the itch. Every writer brings their own understanding of sex to the table when they write about it. The best ones can suck you into a glimpse of their sexual space and turn you on there.

Dinosaurs like Copstick need to go away. This isn't about gender, and it hasn't been for years. And that the magazine doesn't even has on online edition of its own speaks volumes about the stuck-in-the-seventies mentality resident there.

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At June 17, 2009, Blogger Mad said...

I think I've fallen in lust with that article's author. Thanks for posting it!



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