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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Listen to me on Mediabistro's Morning Media Menu podcast

Many thanks to Galleycat editor (and friend) Jason Boog for having me on the Mediabistro Morning Media Menu podcast this morning on Blogtalkradio. We discussed Chris Anderson, Wikipedia, and his new book Free, Dick Cheney's $2 million memoir deal, the erotica genre, my IPPY Awards, and book trailers. It was a lot of fun and they've been having and have some great guests planned, so listen in every weekday or listen to the archives.

Thanks also to the other guest (and soon to be co-host) Matt Van Hoven of Agencyspy for posting my 2009 Sex Blogger Calendar photo and Do Not Disturb book trailer.

And you may or may not know that I met one of my closets friends, Twanna A. Hines of Funky Brown Chick, by appearing on her former Blogtalkradio podcast Dating Roadkill, way back in February 2007. It was a momentous, life-changing night for me in many ways (not necessarily because of the podcast, but that was part of it), and the catalyst for change, starting the next day, and much later. Sorry to be cagey - I will write about it more when I can. There aren't that many specific days I can pick out and say, "That one changed me, taught me something valuable," but that is one of them.

My basic point was that at the time, Twanna was just a name on an email, a voice over the phone. Then in October 2007 we met at a party and it was this instant recognition and we've pretty much been hanging out ever since.

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