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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great interview with me about In The Flesh at Flavorwire

I love this interview Mandy Van Deven did with me over at Flavorwire about In The Flesh called "The Mouth is the Hottest Part of the Body." Complete with video and everything. Do check it out (and if you like it, please rate it at the bottom).

FP: So sex sells and all, but what do you think draws people to the event?

RKB: I bring a lot of food! (Laughs.) Chips, cookies, candy, and cupcakes. I’m the founder and co-editor of the cupcake blog Cupcakes Take the Cake, and am also one of those people who never shows up to a party empty-handed. I go to Trader Joe’s every month and stock up on snacks galore, plus now we have mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa. I think food, especially chocolate, is sexy — so they go together. It’s also part of the whole throwing-a-party vibe.

We also have giveaways every month, like the game Sexy Slang or a gift basket from Good Vibrations. I wish I could give everyone a goodie bag to take home, but I try to feed them and give out prizes so they walk away with something more than just the stories they’ve heard — and hopefully want to return.

Oh, and everything is free! Having the event be free is very important to me. I wouldn’t feel comfortable charging money for people to hear me read, and if people show up and aren’t into it, they can leave without having lost anything.

Read the entire Flavorwire interview here, and see the May 21st In The Flesh lineup here! See you there...

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