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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Geneva trip photos, days 1 and 2

A few photos so far. I'm mass purging photos from my iPhone so my personal Flickr stream is a bit out of date, but I will make sets when I get home. Will be nice to have my iPhone operate a wee bit faster than my overclogged laptop! Something weird went down on my laptop and I can't log in to Flickr, which makes blogging doable, but challenging.

Today we walked down to the water, where we're taking a boat tomorrow to Lausanne. Also went to the Red Cross museum and saw an amazing photo exhibit called Stigmates, all dealing with some form of human suffering. These photographers say so much, very often by what's left out of the photos, especially Gustave Germano's images. His reflects disappearances in Argentina, and there were 6 photos, 3 sets of one family photo, then the same pose recreated with the family members who remain. Stunning.

Giraffes at Giraffe, Heathrow

I couldn't resist the stripes, especially after traveling all night and being kind of out of it and still needing to find the tram, which was pretty easy. Had one of the ones on the right; was filled with chocolate cream and quite delicious.

Broken chair statue outside the UN


Posing like Ghandi - pose was my mom's idea

Agent Provocateur's take on global warming

This is actually a cafe in Geneva, near the Uni-Mail stop. To their credit, they had delicious caramel ice cream.

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