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Monday, April 27, 2009

Go see male circumcision documentary Partly Private

Tonight at 10:45, Wednesday at 4:30, and Friday night at 8:30, Danae Elon's documentary about male circumcision, Partly Private, is showing as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. I highly recommend it. It documents Elon and her husband's decision about whether or not to circumcise their son, then facing the same question as she's pregnant again and shooting.

She gets arrested, visits a baby fair, travels to England and investigates the royal family's circumcision rites (there's a rumored "royal mohel"), visit Turkey, examines an artificial foreskin, attends an anti-circumcision rally, and much more. I learned that sometimes the mohel places alcohol in his mouth, then places it on the baby's just-cut penis (they don't show any actual circumcisions in the film, but they do show this). It's fascinating and I hope to do something further on it.

Here's the trailer, more clips on the official site:

IndieWire interview with director Danae Elon

NY1 on Partly Private

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