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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A whole sex and music e-book anthology for only $4.99

Yes, it's true, my Ravenous Romance e-book anthology Love Notes is only $4.99! And you know what else? The first six of you to purchase it and email the receipt to rachelravenous at will get a free copy of my wintertime erotic romance anthology Bedding Down for free, courtesy of me! Just email your receipt to rachelravenous at and the first 6 will get a free book.

I'll post the full table of contents soon, but I can tell you that many of the authors are active online, especially on Twitter, posting away. Here are their names:

• Eve Carpenter
• Shanna Katz
• Jeremy Edwards
• Jincey Lumpkin, Esq.
• Graydancer
• Jocelyn Bringas
• Craig J. Sorensen
• J. M. Snyder
• Elizabeth St. John
• Mark Farley
• Delilah T. Jones
• Zach Lindley
• Mia
• Rachel Kramer Bussel
• Brandi Woodlawn
• Heidi Champa
• Emerald
• Jack Stratton
• Madlyn March
• NookieNotes
• Mariana Tolentino
• Janne Lewis

And a little description - stories have titles like "Fuck Music" and "Dancing Queen" and mine is called "Cherry Pie," after, yes, Warrant's "Cherry Pie," which is featured in the story along with the food, cherry pie.

Our favorite music inspires us to move, dance and, yes, get busy in more intimate ways. Love Notes celebrates dancing queens, rock stars, groupies, anthems and more as the characters stroke each other to the sounds that make them soar. One woman masturbates to her favorite song while a stripper slinks her way into a man's life. From Madonna to Shania Twain to Led Zeppelin and beyond, they channel their favorite music to make love to.

Love Notes celebrates the erotic power of music to move us, whether it's listening to a lover rock out, fantasizing about your rock star crush, or making the sweetest and sexiest of music together. Singers, sirens and dancing queens get busy to a sex soundtrack ranging from heavy metal to classical and beyond. Get ready to get serenaded, seduced, and smitten with
Love Notes.

Here's a little tidbit from one of my favorite stories in the book, one so smooth and sensual and perfect I want to reread it over and over, "She Loves to Hear the Music" by Delilah T. Jones:

Katie has this quirk. Every song she hears, in an elevator or the grocery store or in the car, is a stripper anthem. Whether she is listening to Def Leppard or Ingrid Michaelson or Mozart, she wonders how the rhythm will work around the pole. Every lyric is a vignette, every bass line an opportunity to hug the pole with her knees, leaning back until her long, red hair brushes the dance floor. She thinks about music while she’s brushing her teeth, jogging, watching TV and especially when she’s fucking. Her boyfriends have always appreciated the way in which she bobs her head to the beat with their cocks in her mouth and the way her mouth vibrates as she hums along. When she starts humming, in fact, the boys, they go crazy. They hope it’s a long song for a slow dance and when they come, they always slump down next to her and say, “I love whatever song you were singing. It’s my new favorite song.”

You can also get it for the Kindle (but the Kindle price is $5.69, not sure why):

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