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Friday, March 13, 2009

Forbidden photos from Google

And by "forbidden," I mean I was told not to take them. Too late! I really didn't know, for the first few. Then, in the hallway on the way out, as everyone oohed and aahed over Top Chef contestants while I felt like the dumbest food blogger ever for not having a clue (I am so not a foodie, I just know about cupcakes), I got to some people I recognized and was excited. Go Google for having Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito from Red Hook's Baked and Melissa Bushell from Baked by Melissa as guest chefs!

I was at Google's cafeteria for the 2nd Girl Geek Dinner NYC. Since I'm not in Austin yet it seemed a fitting way to spend the evening, and for $12, it was well worth it. I'd been to the cafeteria once before, and that was a whole other trip; basically, it made me want to work there for the food.

I had a great time, got to chat with my favorite luscious lifestyle diva Yolanda Shoshana, met a few new people, heard about what it's like to work at Google and also about Mobile Active.

The crab cakes were very good, and it was funny cause I like them but rarely eat them, but yesterday morning at my local deli, I'd been about to grab a little to go container of crab cakes as a snack, only to see that they were vegan "crab cakes" made with tofu. Now, as a former vegan, I love my tofu and fake meat, but if I want tofu, I'll eat tofu. There's a seller in Union Square whose tofu I often get with this soy sauce-based sauce that's delicious. But for crab cakes, I want the real thing.

I had a huge plate of string beans plus a brownie for seconds, and was even able to take some cookies and a brownie to my date afterward!

Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito as Guest Chefs at Google

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