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Friday, March 27, 2009

"Blogging, Frosted and Bare Bottomed"

That's my friend, writer and "Chief Evangelist" and Bookmark Now: Writing in Unreaderly Times editor Kevin Smokler at Huffington Post suggesting combining my loves of blogging, cupcakes and spanking into a SXSW panel next year.

He also has some very smart things to say about publishing:

Really it comes down to this: Readers wish to be empowered as book lovers. Make it easy for them to not just buy and read books but celebrate, talk about, remix, dissect, talk back to and about books. It is the publishers responsibility to not just produce great books but enable a relationship with them.

In plain English, the answer to every inquiry from anyone spending their time to sing about their love of books (in blog, podcast, social network or scrawl on a restroom wall) is "yes." Yes to interviews, yes to excerpts, yes to review copies, yes to images, yes to event data, yes to whatever they want. If they act like jackasses and abuse that trust, then feel free to say no. Until then, the answer to anything short of "Will Joyce Carol Oates clean my patio furniture this Sunday?" is yes.

Read his entire piece (part of his Shelf Talker series at HuffPo).

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