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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An author and her cover: Charlotte Stein

I thought what author Charlotte Stein had to say about her book cover for The Things That Make Me Give In (I think it's a collection of erotic short stories) was interesting, because I think way too many people think authors have more say in their cover sthan they do - obviously, at some houses, you have more say, but just something to keep in mind. With Cleis, I do get consulted, and am really thrilled with the covers they've given me, especially having suffered through the horrible clunkers from Haworth Press and Alyson, which, imo, affected sales (i.e., nobody bought the Fetish Chest books and Glamour Girls).

Plus I love this cover, have been admiring it on Amazon. The book isn't out until October in the U.S., but go to her blog for links to other Black Lace books her stories are in. Post TK about me finally cracking Black Lace after all these years.

How bloody gorgeous is that??? Her lips are like a big giant slippery cherry! The title looks ace! It's like those gorgeous looking Baileys ads. No chance of her not looking like all of the heroines in it. No chance of him not looking like Brandon Routh/Matthew Macfadyen/Alex O'Loughlin and instead looking some awful thug or weirdo.

Thank God, thank God.

Also- it's totally not what I ever expected my first cover to be like, back when I was considering submitting to Cronk-E Publishing. I thought my first cover would be giant manboobs accosting some bound and gagged woman. Done in crayola.

But this! It's red! It's sexy! It may not be a sexy man on the cover but seriously, with Black Lace, I don't mind as much. At least their covers are always beautiful and alluring. Which I think this is.

The only thing I wasn't sure about was the strapline. Pleasure with a perfect stranger? I mean, there are probably going to be liaisons with strangers in the stories, but even so...not quite what I hoped for. Even though I could never do better. And as hubbie pointed out- perhaps it means
you. You know, I'm the perfect stranger. I like that idea.

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At March 10, 2009, Blogger Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

Wow, the great Rachel Kramer Bussel commenting on my cover! How did you even find my tiny little blog? Thank you for your lovely words, and I'm glad you like the cover!

It's true, that we get no say at all in them. So it's kind of a nerve wracking experience. But I am really happy with it, and even happier now!

Oh, and yeah- it's a collection of short erotic stories!

Charlotte xx


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