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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Susie Bright NYC book tour

I will be heavily plugging the next In The Flesh on February 19th, with Susie Bright. Just heard from the venue, Happy Ending Lounge, and you'll be happy to know that we'll have sound upstairs and downstairs, so if you can't squeeze in, grab a drink downstairs, listen (there will be video online TK from the reading too) and come upstairs to meet Susie and get your book signed.

Big thanks to Bust magazine for plugging and giving me Susie's other tour dates (I changed it cause we are actually starting In The Flesh at 7:30 to accommodate the crazy huge lineup):

Tuesday Feb. 17, 8pm
Susie Bright’s Celebrity Kink Tour

Babeland SOHO, 43 Mercer St., New York 10013; 212.966.2120
Join sex doyenne Susie Bright for a titillating evening of celebrity sex gossip. Find out what it was like to be raised in a Hollywood Colony, and how Susie’s sex expertise ultimately led her to advising directors on sex scenes, as well as selling sex toys to celebrities. You’ll get the dirt first-hand on what really happened on the sets of Bound, The Matrix, and Six Feet Under, plus insight into celebrities ‘closed door’ shopping experiences!

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 7pm
Meet Susie Bright at Babeland’s Erotica Series Kickoff!

Babeland Brooklyn, 462 Bergen St., Brooklyn 11217; 917-865-2813
Susie Bright reads from X: The Erotic Treasury. In addition to signing copies of her book, Susie will introduce Babeland’s new erotica series with a mini workshop about sexy writing.

Thursday, Feb. 19, 7:30 pm
In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series
Happy Ending Lounge, 302 Broome St., New York; 212.334.9676
Susie Bright reads from X: The Erotic Treasury along with contributors Paula Bomer, Ernie Conrick, Martha Garvey, Nicholas Kaufmann, Tsaurah Litzky, Marcelle Manhattan, Lisa Montanarelli, Chelsea Summers, and host/curator Rachel Kramer Bussel.

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