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Friday, February 13, 2009

In case you missed these Spanked videos...

Out of all the books I've edited, Spanked is pretty much my favorite (for now, anyway). I'm so proud of the contents and the trailer and the response we've gotten to it, so for those who are also interested in spanking, I wanted to share some video content here.

The Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica book trailer (and my new book trailer for Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories debuts next week, when the book's out!). The readings are from, of course, In The Flesh Reading Series. One of my many goals for 2009 is to get a Best Of clips file made from In The Flesh; there's been some great stuff since we started taping. Obviously I want to wait until after Susie Bright appears for that! The introduction to Spanked is on the Spanked blog

M. David Hornbuckle reads from his Spanked story "Still Life with Infidels #56."

I read from my story "The Depths of Despair" (there's a way better audio version over at Nobilis Erotica read by Danielle A. Neslon if you want to hear the whole thing)

Madlyn March reads from her story "Reunion" part 1:

and part 2:

And the next spanking anthology, Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Erotica, hits bookstores in August! (The table of contents hasn't been finalized yet, but when it is, I'll share it.)

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