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Monday, January 19, 2009

What really happens before In The Flesh

In The Flesh Reading Series

I don't know who all the hands belong to, but the boobs are Mollena's. She was a surprise guest at In The Flesh, and I'm hoping to see her again and talk for more than 2 minutes when I'm in San Francisco, which is coming up soon - readings in the Bay Area 1/29, 1/30, and 2/2, details TK (or on my site) but all are awesome events. Photo by Stacie Joy

Check out my new In The Flesh Flickr account. All I want is to make sure Flickr leaves it as is. A mighty thing to ask, yes, but I think I'm up for the task. I still don't know how to set privacy/safety settings on individual photos, but I'll deal with that later.

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At January 19, 2009, Blogger Nudiemuse said...

I have that exact same bra and those almost look like my boobs. Same color and everything. I giggled.

At January 19, 2009, Blogger Stacie Joy said...

I believe the hand owners are Desiree, Tess and Diva.

At January 20, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you use Flickr Uploadr, you can set privacy settings on a per-photo basis. Otherwise, you can do it quickly (with batches) in Organizr, or on each photo's individual page, if you really want to do them one-by-one


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