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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Survivor: Lost iPhone

I feel like I’ve been on a reality show called Survivor: Lost iPhone. Yes, I am really good at losing things, and someday maybe I’ll write about my extremely messy apartment, hoarding, shopping, throwing things out, etc. But now is not that time. But I try not to lose the most important things: keys, glasses, phone, Metrocard, and I have to say, I do pretty well with that.

Suffice it to say, I had a call from a reporter, various friends, and then 6 increasingly frantic calls from my grandmother, where she seemed to have imagined I’d died. And yes, in a way, being iPhoneless, a part of me had died. I’ve becoming so attached to that phone, and its many uses. It’s my first smartphone and even though there’s tons of things I haven’t yet explored on it, having my 4 main email accounts handy at the touch of a finger is extremely helpful.

I admit I didn’t look too hard for it because it was kindof a nice break. I love being connected, I love the Facebook app and Twitterfon and all of that, but sometimes unplugging is necessary, even if it’s not deliberate.

That being said, I have it now, so I can Twitter from the tonight’s In The Flesh!

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