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Monday, January 05, 2009

Sorry for the popup!

I feel like I am constantly apologizing for my technical ineptitude. I have no idea how to do most things online, which you may have guessed.

So my TOTAL apologies for the ultra annoying popup from Smithmag that keeps appearing, at least when I visit this blog. It should be gone by tomorrow and if I knew which link was causing it, I'd take it down ASAP. (If someone knows, do let me know at rachelravenous at

I know popups suck and I wanted to let you know, I didn't change a thing on this blog, I am just assuming I have a link somewhere that's causing that.

Sorry from your know-nothing blogger!

Update: Thank goodness for smart people like Furrygirl who can help me out. I removed a Smith mag image I had on here, and voila, no more popup! Thanks, Furrygirl, you rock!



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