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Friday, December 19, 2008

My new e-book and a story from Ravenous Romance

I will have more to say about my (mixed) thoughts on e-publisher Ravenous Romance later (it's on my endless, hateful to do list, which means in all likelihood I may not get to it til 2010, but we'll see).

For now, I wanted to share that they just released my e-book anthology The Lust Chronicles, one where most of the authors were culled from Twitter and elsewhere on the Internets. It's great to be able to publish new authors and friends and since I got my start in erotica land with true stories in my books Up All Night and later First-Timers, plus all those early true stories I wrote, I feel like it's fitting. Though I still have my fingers and toes crossed that the publishing fairies smile down on me in 2009 and someone green lights my proposal for my True Sex Confessions anthology! (A girl can dream...)

So here's the cover and Table of Contents for that:

The Lust Chronicles: the new cover I like

The Lust Chronicles

Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Introduction – Truth is Sexier Than Fiction
Solo Sex – A Personal History by Zille Defeu
Luke Lushious by Lolita Wolf
Five’s Company by Mal Ross
Straight Seduced by Siren
First-Time Mistress by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Fedora by Jincey Lumpkin
Fairy Tale by Mia
Day at St. John’s by Heidi Champa
I Remember a Night at a Renaissance Faire by Sara Eileen
The Anticipation of Joy by Max Lagos
Flogger by Alysa Adams
Room 3025 by Maria M. Diaz
Three's Company For Two, Please by Val Strange
Letting Off Steam by Graydancer
Digital Manipulation by Alessia Brio
Sex in Dirty Places by Twanna A. Hines
The Consequences of Complaint by Alex M. Quinlan
Slow Dance by NookieNotes
Rocked Deep by Zaedryn Meade
Mile High Club by Devan Sagliani
Submit by Shanna Katz
Daredevil by Desiree
Kiss My Boots by Mollena “Mo” Williams
Notes on a Night in Bed by Jenna B.
Older Woman Appreciation by Mark Farley

Oh, and this is the cover they were going to give me that I was pretty horrified by. Thankfully, with e-publishers unlike print ones (coughHaworthAlysoncough), you can make your case, and I did, and they listened!

Also, my editor Lori Perkins has included my lesbian stripper shoe story, inspired by a particularly awesome pair I saw in St. Paul this summer, in her anthology Sex & Shoes, which is also only $4.99. Recession smut pricing, people!
Sex and Shoes anthology

Speaking of shoes, Stacie Joy took this photo of my new ones last night:

True Sex Confessions Night at In The Flesh Reading Series

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At December 19, 2008, Blogger Neve Black said...

Hi Rachel,

I love the new shoes! Hmmm...those look like a size six to me. It's a good thing I don't live close, b/c I would be begging to borrow. :-)

At December 20, 2008, Blogger kristina lloyd said...

I didn't realise epublishers were more malleable than print when it came to cover design. That's really interesting given the huge growth in ebooks. And with writers taking a bigger royalties %, the whole deal seems more democratic.

Agree with you on the first cover of LC - it's terrible. Glad you got them to change it. Well done!

At December 20, 2008, Anonymous RfP said...

I'm curious about Ravenous. I've only read one of their stories so far. They're on my list to explore, y'know, sometime.

It's great to find a fun shoe style in a good color. I love black, but enough already.

But more importantly, I have the perfect outfit for those stockings! Thanks for giving me the idea.


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