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Friday, November 21, 2008

Last night's reading

In The Flesh Reading Series 3rd Anniversary

Back row: Jincey Lumpkin (, Trey Ellis (Bedtime Stories, Platitudes), comedian Margot Leitman, Francis Levy (author of Erotomania)
Front row: Desiree Moodie (blogger), David Henry Sterry (author of Master of Ceremonies), comedian Kelli Dunham, Rachel Kramer Bussel
Read their bios at the In The Flesh site.
Photo by Stacie Joy.

Check out my Twitter stream from last night for some highlights (someday, you know, when I'm 64, I'll figure out the Twitter screenshot thing but now is SO not the time as I'm extremely behind and overextended, so you'll have to go look for yourself).

It was a lot of fun and videos will be up soon. BUT I really hope readers learn that "8 minutes" does NOT mean "10 minutes" or more. If they are too long for YouTube, I will not be a happy curator. I will have to learn how to write "8 MINUTES!!!" in my emails more clearly. Other than that and the bar's lack of flyers, sad for our 3rd anniversary, it went pretty well. I must've plugged my iPhone a dozen times, but it really saved the reading - I could call up the bios right there. Love that. Very excited about the next two months, True Sex Confessions December 18th and Susie Bright January 15th. January's shaping up to be pretty busy, but first



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