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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The night all Nichelle's money disappeared

Nichelle Stephens and Rachel Kramer Bussel at Batch

Nichelle Stephens is one of my best friends. I've known her since April or May 2004, when we did the WYSIWYG reading together, and we have since become fellow cupcake bloggers, traveled together, and gossiped a lot. You can see lots of photos of her in my Flickr stream.

Please read her post, The Night All My Money Disappeared. It's sad and scary, and even if you don't have any advice or a way to help, you can comment and think good thoughts for her. Here's an update.

She's also asking people to donate to RightRides, a New York organization. I'll let them explain themselves:

RightRides offers women, transgender and gender queer individuals a free, safe, late night ride home on Saturday nights from 11:59 PM - 3 AM, early Sunday morning in 35 NYC neighborhoods. To call for a ride, the dispatch number is (718) 964-7781.

Since 2004, RightRides has driven over 1,000 riders safely home, thanks to hundreds of dedicated volunteers and our vehicle sponsor, Zipcar.

Visit the RightRides homepage and donate via Nichelle to get her to her $1,000 fundraising goal.

One of the things I love most about Nichelle is that she has a huge heart. She is always ready to listen (okay, sometimes I know I annoy her with my madness, especially when it's of the romantic kind, but she puts up with that anyway) and has a big heart. She also is the organizer of our NYC Cupcakes Take the Cake Meetup (please join and help me reach my personal goal of 1,000 members, just cause that would sound so cool) and you can hang out with us and Allison on Sunday starting at noon at The Brooklyn Flea eating yummy homemade cupcakes while helping charity! You know it's special cause even I'm gonna bake some banana cupcakes!

Please show Nichelle some love, cause I want to see her smiling again, like this (from the set of The Martha Stewart Show):

Nichelle is all smiles with her cupcake necklace

Nichelle, I am sending happy thoughts and news your way. And, virtually, this money cupcake from Flickr user heath_bar:

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